William Styron


William Styron taking a break from writing to be photographed by William Waterway Marks, publisher/editor of “Martha’s Vineyard Magazine.” 1989

Styron rarely allowed people in his private writing room. This room was located on the ground floor of his West Chop home on the island of Matha’s Vineyard. Styron’s writing room was in an inconspicuous location between the kitchen and garage. This room had only one mullioned window at eye level above his writing desk. Styron’s writing desk was purchased at a yard sale on Martha’s Vineyard. Styron always wrote long hand. He liked the tactile feel of pencil in hand which he felt helped him to connect his thoughts to paper. Syron had a manual pencil sharpener which he used to sharpen about fifteen pencils. Before he began to write, he sharpened a bunch of pencils, which allowed him to write without interruption.


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